Welcome to the home of Mr. Alba!

Mr. Alba is an Independent Whisky Bottler specialising in bottling quality single cask malt whisky from Scotland.

Founded in 2016, Mr. Alba sources casks and bottles Scottish single malt whisky, both for private clients, and for the Mr. Alba brand.

Our mission is to source the best casks to bottle for our clients. We also seek to gain exclusive distribution rights for distilleries and independent bottlers for our Chinese based parent company, Single Malt Club China.

We are creating an innovative, exciting website to let you into our world and this will be here in the very near future. If you can’t wait, please just drop a line to mralbawhisky.scot@hotmail.com, or use the webform below, and we will be happy to help.

Single Malt Club China (SMCC) was established in 2005. It is both a commercial company and a membership club open to single malt enthusiasts, with over 8,000 members throughout China.

SMCC currently operates three business units, along with running the membership club. The three business units are: the import and distribution unit, the Bar and the whisky shop. On the premise of the SMCC Headquarters is also located The Whisky Experience Centre, which is a venue open to all single malt related organisations, groups and individuals.

As the longest established single malt specialist in China, SMCC continue to strive to be the most professional, both in terms of knowledge and business practices. SMCC represents 13distilleries, brands and independent bottlers from Scotland, building their prominence and consumer base in the Chinese market. SMCC provide guidance and consultancy to investors in whisky. Single Malt Club China is also heavily involved in education and training in single malt knowledge, for both the food and drink industry and for consumers.